Consumer Math Vs General Problem Solving

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As a full-time universal banker and a part-time student, I am always trying to balance everything out, whether if it’s financial or physically. This course has taught me many applicable solutions that I can apply in a real life problem. Two chapters that stood out the most to me were, General Problem Solving and Consumer Math. At our bank, a universal banker means we do it all. For example, we complete teller transactions, opening accounts, helping people apply for loans, wires, CD’s, etc. One of the many beneficial tools that fall into this is consumer math. What is ironic, we are currently big on loans so learning about consumer math helped tremendously. It helped me understand the financial part, the terms about lending, and to how to solve for it.…show more content…
We only help customers apply for the loan, consequently in that process people have questions that we can’t answer. For example, will their mortgage be a fix- rate, the term, etc. I honestly can’t stress enough how this chapter helped me understand lending better, moreover helped me apply it to my workplace. On the other hand, General Problem Solving was helpful in more ways than one. Notably, I was able to budget for my next family vacation. As a young college student, we tend not think about the financial side. I know this by talking to a lot people in my age group or that are in college as well. I really wish I took this course before I got car, and wasted my time poorly. Applying general problem solving would have helped me budget better for a car, nevertheless, I would have been able to manage my time more
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