Consumer Motivation

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At present, understanding consumer motivation is very important to marketers in modern marketing. However, the key to consumer motivation, understanding the consumer needs is the first factor that marketers should know at first. “Human needs or, in this case, consumer needs are the basis of all modern marketing. Needs are the essence of the marketing concept.”(Schiffman, 2008). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a well-known theory in psychology which can help marketers understanding the consumer needs better. So, what is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? It was suggested by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper A Theory of human Motivation, which was described in a triangular diagram. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is often divided five levels: “At the …show more content…
Nowadays, with the increase in leisure time, traveling has become the first choice in holidays for most of people. A new industry named package tours which is a popular trend used for attracting these customers over the years, because it make travel more convenient and easier. So, what is the package tour? “A package tour consists of transport and accommodation advertised and sold together by a vendor known as a tour operator. Package tours are a form of product bundling and organized by a tour operator and sold to a consumer by a travel agent.” (Wikipedia, 2009) Packaging is an effective marketing tool to offer several customer benefits. For example, ability to budget for trips. The expenses of trip with packages include several parts of a customer must pay for during a trip. “The customer pays at one time and has a good idea of the trip's total cost.” (Wikipedia, 2009) As suggested by Maslow, there are difference needs in the motivations of tourists. They are approximate divided into three groups. “The first need is the needs-driven group seeking to satisfy basic needs including that of being with other people. Second need is the outer-directed group seeking status and achievements is likely to be influenced by those rounds about in terms of values and how life should be lived. The third group, the inner directed, is seeking to explore and have stimulating experiences
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