Consumer Opinions And Observations Regarding The American Auto Industry

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Consumer Opinions and Observations Regarding the American Auto Industry Statistics show that Americans have a preference of buying American made products over foreign ones. In general, the great majority is even willing to pay more for a made in America product, based on beliefs that these products are better quality, have better safety standards and because someone in the family has a shared belief, which supports American values. “But in our increasingly complex global economy, how much meaning does a label stating “Made in America” still hold?” ("Made in America - Consumer Reports," n.d.) Where the concept of made in America has struggled most is in the auto industry. “To help consumers understand how “American” a new vehicle is, every car has to display a parts-content window sticker. That country-of-origin statement has been required since 1994 by the American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA), listing the final assembly point, source of the engine and transmission, and which countries supplied 15 percent or more of the vehicle’s equipment.” ("Made in America - Consumer Reports," n.d.). Unfortuately, many manufacturers began offshore operations in an effort to make more money, and cut down on payroll, but have since moved those operations back to the states, to support the true meaning of made in America, and to bring those jobs back to American workers. Even with this effort, the industry is still declining in manufacturing and profitability. On the other hand,

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