Consumer-Oriented Real Estate Technogies

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Technology in the modern-day has simplified work for most individuals including real estate agents. It revolutionizes the real estate market so that clients can make decisions based on information from internet sources. Agents dealing with such clients have to convince them of the products in order to make a sale. Many internet sources are not accurate and thus clients are skeptical of the actual property (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2011). When a client engages a real estate agent for a property they have seen in the media, they already have a mental picture of the property they are interested to buy. The information provided on the internet and other technology supported media can be inaccurate or deceiving. Clients get frustrated by such incidences and thus it is difficult to deal with them. As a real estate agent encountering such clients is inevitable. In one situation a client toured the property they viewed on the internet. After the tour, the client was disappointed since the property was not as it was described. This situation can create mistrust between the client and the agent. Technology thus contributes negatively to the growth of the agent's brand. Such a client is difficult to handle since their expectations are diminished (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell 2011). Clients tend to make decisions upon the data provided through technology as opposed to experience and intuition. This aspect of real estate business is challenging for everyone involved

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