Consumer Perception And Consumer Behavior

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What is Consumer Perception? As consumers play an important role to businesses, businesses must always satisfy all consumer’s wants and needs. In order to do so, marketers conduct research to learn consumers’ impression and awareness on the companies and their opinions on the companies’ products and services. Consumer perception is defined as a process where consumers select and gather information then form opinions regarded products. Together with advertising, consumer perceptions strongly affect consumer behaviors. Consumer judgment study offers the companies opportunities to know how their consumers behave in the market and to develop marketing strategies in order for the companies to reach the primary goal of earning a profit.
What Affect Consumer Perceptions? Consumers form their judgments based on their history with the brand and quality of the products. Price and advertising shape consumers’ knowledge and attitudes.
Experience and Reputation Many consumers continue to buy products from the same brands that they have been with over the other alternatives because they have built a trust toward the companies. Since the products have met customers’ standards, they usually rate the brands positively, feel comfortable buying from those brands and recommend them to other people. Companies want to build that relationship with their consumers because loyalty raise the companies’ reputation and bring them more customers.
Consumers share money concerns with…
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