Consumer Perceptions of the Zipcar Car Sharing Services

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Perspectives on Consumer Behavior A Review of the Consumer Perceptions of the Zipcar Car Sharing Services Executive Summary Zipcar is an organization that has a relatively unique operating model. A decade ago the company's founders decided to bring a European style car sharing model to the United States. The model can support less cars on the road, less congestion, and less pollution through sharing of vehicles and is helping to combat each of these issues respectively. However, car sharing is a new concept to consumers. In the United States car ownership and possession has become ingrained into the collective conscious of many market segments because of the long history of the traditional ownership model that the country has utilized. The success of the new model has created a rich opportunity to study consumer behavior. This review looks at the consumer perceptions associated with car sharing. It was found that consumers preferred that the organization place strict penalties for any violation of the company's rules. This was in response to a sense of fairness in operating the vehicles and was given higher importance that any more altruistic ideals among respondents. Company Overview Zipcar offers one of the most advanced car sharing platforms in the world in regards to the technology it employs. Consumers can register for the service, pay a nominal fee, and gain access to a multitude of different types of automobiles (Zipcar, 2012). Thus far the company is only

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