Consumer Preference And Perception Of Cadbury Chocolate

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The project title "Consumer preference and perception of Cadbury Chocolate with reference to other market players" deals mainly with the consumer behaviour. In this project I had done extensive market research regarding Cadbury Chocolate and its brands and some competitors brands like Nestle, Amul, etc. There has been a stiff competition among the different chocolate brands, especially among Cadbury and nestle. The scope of the project was to collect data from the selected market locations of south Delhi, analyse the significance of the data and the conclusion. I had gone to different market locations of south Delhi and Interviewed different consumers about their preference and buying behaviour of selecting a particular brand of chocolate. I had also given Questionnaire to them in this regard and took their feedback, which later helped me in coming out with results, which are analysed and shown through graphs. In this project I have interviewed personally different consumers from Children to Housewives, Students to Professionals. I found different buying behaviour among them according to mood, occasion, choice, pricing, quality, availability & advertising of different chocolates. But among all brands of chocolates, Cadbury 's brand is more preferred by the consumers and it is market leader in chocolates. And above all the Cadbury 's Dairy Milk is liked most. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY  To analyze the consumer preference and perception for

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