Essay on Consumer Protection

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Consumer Protection In this guide I will clarify many issues concerning consumer protection, the first issue I would like to clarify is what consumer protection is all about.

Consumer protection is about protecting ordinary people who buy goods and services, from the being sold faulty goods or poor quality services from dodgy traders.

Any person has some basic legal rights if a product or service is found to have a false description, is of poor quality or not fit for its purpose.

There are five main consumer protection laws which serve to protect these rights, they are:

1. The Sale Of
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This Law is becoming tighter for the unqualified builders who start work take some payment and then vanish without completing the job

Consumer protection can also help you if you are misquoted a price for a holiday say you are looking for a cheap holiday and you find one in the newspaper the price to go Dubai is £299 and you ring the company up to book the tickets however when you phone them up they say the price is actually £350 as they never included the price with VAT then through the trading
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