Consumer Psychology Affecting the Marketing of Real Estate

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Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 The Five Accommodation Options 3 Respondents, Rankings and Explanations 5 Respondent 1 5 Introduction of Respondent 5 Respondent's Rankings of 5 Accommodation Options 5 Respondent's Explanations of Rankings 6 Respondent 2 6 Introduction 6 Respondent's Ranking of 5 Accommodation Options 6 Respondent's Explanation of Rankings 7 Respondent 3 7 Introduction 7 Respondent's Ranking of 5 Accommodation Options 8 Respondent's Explanation of Rankings 8 Analysis of Responses 9 Theoretically Based Differences between Respondents 9 Differences in Motivation 9 Differences in Values 10 Differences in Self and Self-Identity 10 How the Differences Influence Respondents' Rankings 12 Effects of Motivation 12 Effects of values 13 Effects of self-esteem and self-identity 13 Recommendations 14 Characteristics of Likeliest Customers and How To Attract Them 14 Conclusion 16 References 17 Executive Summary The purpose of this paper is to outline how differences in consumer psychology affect the marketing of real estate. For this purpose I have used the different theories of motivation, values, self and self-identity. Through the help of literature review on these theories, and through interviews of three different customers, I have tried to identify the link between a customer's psychology and his/her choice of residence. The three respondents are of varying backgrounds, ages and occupations

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