Consumer Psychology

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1. What are the types of reference groups? Please share an example of each from your own experience. A reference group is one that an individual strongly identifies with to the point where the individual adopts the group's ideas, values, and behaviors. There are three types of reference groups: aspirational, associative, and dissociative. An aspirational reference group would be a group that a person is not a member of but aspires to be like. An example would be people who want to be like stars such as young girls who want to grow up and be like Taylor Swift. An associative reference group is a group an individual actually belongs to. An example would be a family or a church. A dissociative group is one that an individual does not identify with or want to be a member of. An example would be a person who is a Democrat and strongly dislikes Republicans. 2. What are the two types of communication strategies used by families? How might an advertisement differ to appeal to each target market? Families communicate in verbal and non-verbal ways. Verbal communication includes stating feelings, needs, and giving feedback. Non-verbal communication includes showing affection in a physical manner, facial expressions, and gestures. The best way for advertisers to appeal the same product to different target markets is to differentiate. Starbucks appeals to older and young segments of the market. They do this with
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