Consumer Report At The Grocery Shopping

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In this day and age almost every single person wants to be healthy. When going grocery shopping, they reach for the foods that are labeled either ‘natural’ or ‘organic’. If you were to ask why they decided to choose the food that has those labels, they would say “It is healthy” and they would give you this answer all because of a simple, machine printed label. These labels have brainwashed people into believing that ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ is actually better for them. Going beyond the label, what does ‘natural’ actually mean?
Walking into a grocery store you would see boxes and boxes of food that portray words and sayings that are supposed to mean something. The purpose is to grab the shopper 's attention and make them buy that product. A certain word written across a product is a word that makes the shoppers go crazy. The simple word is ‘natural’. People have this idea of what ‘natural’ means. In 2014, Consumer Report took a survey and the people thought that ‘natural’ food “means that food has no artificial ingredients, pesticides or genetically modified organisms.”. Now, if you were to ask the food company what ‘natural’ means, they would say the same, if not less or more. According to an article written by Fetters ‘natural’ is whatever the manufacturer wants it to be. Not one person truly knows what ‘natural’ means.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration was called in to explore the term ‘natural’. The FDA is “asking the public to provide information and comments on the…
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