Consumer Segmentation

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1. Introduction “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” (Bill Cosby) The reason is because there are no two people that have exactly same likes and dislikes. Everybody in this world is different. Hence trying to make everyone happy at the same time merely blow the pleaser’s mind off. Taking that quote into consideration, it is not only true to an individual but also to every industry. A business cannot aim to sell their products to the whole market, because every customer has different wants and needs. Only a group of similar consumers that suites the products’ property best should be considered, so the business can use the right marketing strategy. In other words, business …show more content…
However there are some distortion in the gender boundary in contemporary world when third gender become more visible. Consequently gender factor becomes complicated base to analyze, and need to be considered along with other bases. Age Supporting statement from, (2010) as well indicates that the most important group of jewelry consumers are aging around 45 to 54. Consumer with this age are earning highest income so they can afford expensive jewelry pieces. The latter website is also demonstrating that customer aged 25 to 34 years old should not be neglected by jewelry retailer because they are becoming more important everyday as main bridal jewelry consumers Marital Status Trinity collection is created with concept of harmony as stated on the e-boutique page. And since the ring is categorized under wedding band section, it can be seen clearly that Cartier mainly focuses on the group of future brides as Trinity collection’s customers. 4.2 Geographic Segmentation In United Kingdom, Cartier boutiques with jewelry creations are available only in London. That simply means Cartier is focusing on customers who live in urban area. Urban habitants are the possible customers, because people living in metropolitan cities, are more likely to concern about the cultural appearances, particularly fashion and style. They tend to wear nice

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