Consumer Shopping Habits That Improve The Design And Flow Of A Store

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Retail Anthropology is the study of consumer shopping habits, which helps improve the design and flow of a store. A consultation for retail stores should be recommended for each store to help maximize the space and efficiency of a store to guide consumers into purchases. From a personal experience, I will not go into a store if I see overcrowding of products because I find it hard to match clothes and where to start. With that said, if I cannot go into a store with overcrowding of products, how can an individual go in who may be disabled in a wheel chair or blind? For my research I observed Hollister, Francesca’s and Forever 21: to determine accessibility, customer traffic flow, and overcrowding. The location of the stores I selected…show more content…
I concluded from all of the stores that they had general accessibility options; braille was located on each credit card machine. In regards to the restrooms, they are provided in the mall with automatic doors. Customer traffic flow is important to a retail store because it moves the customer through the store in hopes to make more purchases. For example, a store would not put a clearance rack in the front of the store, because that would stop them moving through the rest of the store, so it is placed near the back of the store. Hollister scored the highest again with customer traffic having an easy flow from the entrance of the store to the back and out again. The store also had spotlights on different displays pulling customers to those tables. I observed while in there that individuals entering the store traced a similar flow, which I believe were guided by the spot lights on certain displays. With that said, my experience in forever 21 was a scattered pattern, with cookie cutter sections on different types of clothes and accessories. Francesca’s customers were focused on the jewelry, which is the first display when entering the store, not many customers traveled far from that table into the back section of the store. In addition to the customer traffic flow, overcrowding can be a determinate of poor traffic flow, which leads to less product purchases. Overcrowding can make a person with a disability to steer clear of a store, losing profit and the

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