Consumer Traits and behaviors

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Consumer Traits and behavior Paper
Team B Eduardo Becerra, Irinia Gomez, Takeshia Seeden
November 4, 2013
Earnest Broussard
University of Phoenix

Consumer Traits and Behavior Paper
Today’s users are demonstrating a fantastic desire for new services and products. It has created possibilities for users, marketing providers and companies too eventually approve or disapprove latest ideas. For users to help and view their behaviors in making correct decisions, thorough research is required to support different roles and thoughts for product development.
The goals of this article is to get insight into user experiences, by finding out likes,

dislikes and unmet requirement associated with
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When business do not understand the mind of their target audience they do not generate the type of responses they initially hoped. The psychological reasons why people comfort themselves when buying products they don’t need is often overlooked. Many American feel they need things but in reality they just want them. Consumers will go into debt to buy an item they want to personally have. The joy of seeing it in the house or having friends see them with it is worth it all for them. So many consumers feel a great sense of comfort in consumer goods that are popular or in demand because they feel like they can do or have things that others cannot.
Social Processes on Marketing Behavior
Most consumers’ reasons for buying goods are because friends or family may want them or have them already. Consumers have said that the reason for buying products is because of someone they know really wants the product or they want to be the first of the group to have it. This provides a great sense of gratitude and joy for the consumer group to know that they were the first to have the product. This brings out the competitive trait in the consumer. Many will go out of their way to get things others want just so that they can be envied. This makes them feel like a leader or trend setter to the group. The approval of products from friends, family or people in general plays a strong role in
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