Consumer Trends Towards Environment and Sustanability

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The International Standards Organization (ISO) defined ‘Eco Fashion’ as “Identifying the general environment performance of a product within a product group based on its whole life cycle in order to contribute to improvement in key environmental measures to support sustainable consumption patterns.” ‘Eco Fashion’ is an emerging theme in the African Clothing and Textile Industry. The trend brings a lot of changes in the industry as consumers are becoming more sustainable and they are looking for green and sustainable products. The paper discusses the emergence of ‘Eco Fashion’ and the changes it is bringing about on the African Clothing and Textile Industry. The implication of ‘Eco Fashion’ on consumers behavior is discussed later, as the paper explores how ‘Eco Fashion’ is changing consumer behavior. The paper explores business strategies firms in the industry can adopt to respond to ‘Eco Fashion’. The Triple Bottomline is highlighted as a good business strategy for responding to ‘Eco Fashion’. Then new skills required for the marketers in the industry are discussed at the end of the paper. To respond to ‘Eco Fashion’, marketers in the industry need to develop skills such as; information gathering skills, strong personal communication skills and skills in strategic planning. TABLE OF CONTENTS TASK ONE 1. Introduction 2. Source Evaluation 1. Evaluation Criteria for the Sources 2. Conclusion TASK TWO 1. Introduction 2.

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