Consumer 's Influence On Consumer Behavior

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In today’s culture, consumers are very much in charge of their decisions in regards to purchasing. Advancements in technology have not only allowed consumers the capability to research, price shop and purchase products, but have also given businesses the ability to reach a targeted market based on data collection and past purchase history. Given that consumers have the purchase power in today’s society, many businesses have implemented situational factors to influence a consumers buying behavior. Consumers typically have a level of purchase involvement when making purchasing decisions. Levels of involvement range from low to high. Level of involvement is often dependent on the consumer’s perceived importance or personal relevance of a…show more content…
Advertising for brand familiarity is done best through television campaigns and brand familiarity is often gained through repetition of the advertisement. Marketers also focus on visual images that associate a consumer with a particular product as these are easily remembered. Examples of this type of branding include the McDonalds Golden Arches or the Target bulls eye (Procter, 2000, p. 144-169). High levels of purchase involvement are related to those products that typically have a higher cost, are bought infrequently and are reflective of the purchaser. In order to gain traction in this category, marketers often promote the positive and beneficial attributes of the brand, promote the product through advertising and have a heavy reliance on sale personnel endorsement. Examples of purchase that have a high level purchase involvement include technology products and cars (Chavis, 2010, Involvement Level and Effect). Situational factors are also used to sway consumers buying behaviors. Examples of situational factors include lighting, smell and sound. Marketers must be cognizant of not over stimulating the senses when using situational factors to influence buying behavior. Over stimulation will result in fewer purchases, an obvious negative response for businesses. Lighting and product placement is often used within stores to enhance products or attract customers. Window displays using bright vertical
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