Consumer 's Response And Reaction Of Brand Named Products Versus Generic Products

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Introduction Consumers are considered a very valuable asset to any major company, so observing why they are more likely to purchase one brand of the item over another is important to investigate. Also, it is vital to recognize how to retain their loyalty for years to come. With the help of grounded theory methodology, this research paper will evaluate a consumer’s response and reaction to brand-named products versus generic products that have been examined and studied for many years. For many years, researchers have questioned the reason that a consumer grows attached and likes vs. dislikes certain branded products, the answer remains open-ended. Many things can interfere with the consumer’s resistance to new products being introduced…show more content…
If the marketing of non-branded products were to receive specialized equivalent advertising, the demand for brand named products will decrease. The term “Brand Love” is a connection and emotional attachment to a brand of products because of the pleasures, satisfaction and feelings that it gives the consumers. As discussed in the Marketing Science Institute article, “it might be explained with reference to the psychological literature on interpersonal love. But the deep sense of fit between customers and brands like Apple, Harley, and Starbucks.” (MSI 2012). Hypotheses To examine this hypothesis I will have to make sure this hypothesis is ample to research, has been explored with previous data collected, so that the question is opened for observation and will be able to provide answers. In a past research study, Brand image as a function of self-image and self-brand connection describes, “How brand image relates to a self-image and how brand consumption contributes to the construction of self. Most of the research on brand image refers to brand attitudes. Day (1970) considers attitudes "a central integrating feature” in marketing theory and advertising evaluation.” (Mocanu 2013) The research question guides the basis of activities of any research study. The research questions on which this study will be centered are discussed below: • In your opinion, “How do brand-name items differ from generic products?” •

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