Consumer 's Response And Reaction Of Brand Named Products Versus Generic Products

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Consumers are considered a very valuable asset to any major company, so observing why they are more likely to purchase one brand of the item over another is important to investigate. Also, it is vital to recognize how to retain their loyalty for years to come. With the help of grounded theory methodology, this research paper will evaluate a consumer’s response and reaction to brand-named products versus generic products that have been examined and studied for many years. For many years, researchers have questioned the reason that a consumer grows attached and likes vs. dislikes certain branded products, the answer remains open-ended. Many things can interfere with the consumer’s resistance to new products being introduced into the marketplace; such as packaging, limited advertising and marketing, name association and mass appeal. This paper will study whether consumer’s relationships between brand-name merchandise is geared more towards Social status driven reasoning or a deeper Psychological attachment.
Background Research Research has demonstrated in the past that consumers develop an emotional attachment to brand-name products. However, the author of this paper would also like to prove that the social status and class association is just as strong, if not stronger than the emotional attachments to brand-named products. Having worked in one of the leading healthcare companies, I have seen a situation where a product has been performing well for quite some…
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