Consumer vs. Physicians Attitudes Toward Health Products Advertising

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Consumer vs. Physicians attitudes toward health products advertising

Nowadays many advertisements of health products are placed on many satellite channels. These health products include medications. Accordingly, consumers may perceive these ads in a way that differs from physicians and each would have different attitudes. Previous studies have shown that physicians generally would be opposed to health care advertising for a number of reasons. For example, doctors might feel that medical professionals should eschew advertising because: "the public must be protected against fraudulent and unscrupulous promoters;" "advertising would lower the prestige of professionals in the public's eye;" and "it is an expense which would not necessarily
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This way the unauthorized untrained people, who advertise on medicines as a type of a business strategy, will dare not to abuse the people’s illiteracy of their true aims and will not manage to commercialize a medicine that was proven by the government to be a faked one. People will then be more aware and careful not to take for granted any medicine they see in an ad (Sayre, 1907).
G. N. Watson (1918) said that there are laws in Kansas which relate to medicine that state:
1- Any official medicine prepared should be formed by the US pharmacy should conform to quality, strength and purity of the tests.
2- Any official medicine prepared should conform to preparations of the product created from official components and by process of the official formula of its preparation (Watson, 1918).
He mentioned that another regulation stated that a drug having a certain brand name and recognized for it in the US National Formula or pharmacy, should have the same purity, strength and quality as the standard medicine prescribed for a medicine of the same standard name in the US National Formula or pharmacy, official at similar timing of sale; offering in case of electric drug or homeopathic similar requirements are to be followed by legal standards (Watson, 1918).
The author mentioned that Kansas State Drug Lab tested and reported to the State of Health Board, for the past decade 6000 drug, official medicine and coffee, oils, and spices

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