Consumerism And Consumerism

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In the 1980s, health policy in many countries was strongly influenced by the promotion of consumerism as part of the market ideology (Marincowitz, 2004). The problem with consumerism was that it encouraged people to make demands, but failed to emphasise reciprocal responsibilities (Marincowitz, 2004). Because of a growing awareness of this deficiency, partnership (mutuality) has largely replaced consumerism. This study discusses how the contextual factors and the interactional features and the consumeristic power relationship linked each other and how it negatively influence the therapeutic relationship. Consumerism offers more power to the patient to take decision according to the patient need (Williams and Hariison 1999). This study identified the certain possible sociocultural factors that influence the patient’s treatment decision while using the power of consumerism and the interactional strategy that used by used by the patient to convey it to the therapist during their interaction. This study identified that in Indian private healthcare context people’s treatment selection or compliance is often influenced by their financial situation. This finding is aligned with findings of Fochsen, Deshpandae and thorson (2006) study. According to the doctors working in Indian private sector, the patient attend in Indian private sectors often requested to prescribe the treatment according to their financial situation (Fochsen, Deshpandae and thorson (2006). So, the study
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