Consumerism And Free Market Economy

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In today’s society, it is becoming increasingly impossible for one to be watching television, reading a magazine, or watching a sporting event without being flooded with the images of commercialism. Messages in our televisions and print sources that encourages us to buy are created by people who uses their talent to speak to both our conscious and subconscious desires. The products that we buy, the food that we consume, the clothes and shoes that we wear, and our everyday lives are influenced by commercialism. Proponents for commercialism can argue that commercialism as essential in the enhancement of capitalism and free market economy. It can also lead to innovation competition of companies in meeting the needs of consumers. However, Commercialism can lead to an increase in wasteful consumption or consumerism. It can also lead to the depletion of natural resources in trying to meet the consumption needs of the people. Although commercialism have it draw backs, it is not all bad; commercialism promotes capitalism and free trade both of which are very essential in our American Society. Only by producing and selling goods and services does capitalism work. Commercialism allows for the free flow of information between producers and consumers about good and services, and as a result, consumers are having the ability to make preferences about their purchasing choices. It can lead to more equal and a wider distribution of goods and services from which people can choose from.
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