Consumerism By Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World

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Consumerism is everywhere and it affects everyone, but not everybody is aware of it. Consumerism is an idea that it is encouraged for people to acquire goods in increasing amounts. The idea is broadly used in America, but in Brave New World consumerism is everything. Every aspect of life in Brave New World deals with consumerism and to the World State it is the most important thing and it is their foundation of their society. Aldous Huxley mainly uses consumerism as a negative and takes it to extreme lengths where there is almost a humor about it. However, consumerism is a mixed bag that can help certain parts of society, but destroy others. In Brave New World, consumerism is the engine that drives the World State. The World State wants stability and order, and consumerism is the main driving force in this. While consumerism creates a stable economy, it gives up individual free will. People do not just buy new things because it benefits them, they buy new things because it benefits the World State. Everything in the World State revolves around consumerism and this starts out with Henry Ford. Henry Ford is most famous for two things: creating the Model T car and using the assembly line for mass production. In Brave New World, the World State doesn’t have a religion, but Henry Ford is the closest thing to a God that there is. Instead of creating a cross as in Christianity, people do a T for the Model T car. Everything in the World State is mass produced. Even
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