Consumerism In Brave New World

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Brave New World’s extreme control mechanisms caution readers of how detrimental it can be. The state conditions its citizens to consume to provide economic stability. From the day citizens are born or should I say produced they are conditioned to extensively maximise consumerism. In Brave New World, procedures are performed to produce the ‘perfect’ citizens, each acclimatized exactly how the state wants them. The World State wants an army of consumers as adults, therefore as children, the importance of the individual is diminished to further the interests of the economy. An example of this is the Bokanovsky’s Process. This allows the World State to produce a large number of “identical machines” quickly. The main drive behind this is the fact that a large number of citizens means more are available to work in a factory as this process means that the “whole of a small factory staffed with the products of a single bokanovskified egg.” This process, therefore, becomes "one of the major instruments of social stability." This illustrates how the only worry of the World State is how something maximises consumption. As June Deery stated “the idea of deliberately disabling a future human being… is surely repugnant.” At the eyes of the World State consumerism is their only concern. Everything and anything that would enable them to maximise consumption is implemented without any consideration to the effects it may have on citizens. Post-production, conditioning also establishes the
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