Consuming Kids

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Statistics show that today companies spend nearly $17 billion annually marketing to kids. This paper will explore the effect that advertisements have on the growing mind of a child. It paper will support the view of the video “Consuming Kids” in the context that yes in fact advertising to children is a social problem and that adults should understand the seriousness of this matter; and they should also take steps to help the change the environment that their children are part of in-order to build a healthier future for them. The first section of the paper will take glimpses into early, tween and teen ages of a child and examine the social effects of technology and advertisement. The second section of the paper will discuss the
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Symbolic interactionism is a microsociology theory as it focuses on microsociology as it focuses on and pays attention to small unites of society for instance individuals and their interaction (Curtis, 2006). According to this theory society emerges from the way that people interact with one another and their actions towards other people (Curtis, 2006). How will these interactions occur if the children of today are glued to their video games and their television shows? How will societies form if children do not go out and play and instead sit in front of computer all day and have virtual friends? From the perspective of symbolic interaction if society relies on these interactions that a decade from now without things changing the way they are the world will be so different from what we know it as…show more content…
They are constantly asking their parents for the newest toy or gadget and end of spending billions of dollars on leisure items. These children are misbehaving in school and teachers are having hard time teaching them as they need to now compete with technology. Childhood has started to fade away as children are beginning mature up faster than their age. Children even before they go to school they learn about gender roles and how a boy should act compared to a girl and vice versa. It is scary what our society might look in a decade from now if this continues go on. The only way to help improve things is through education. Starting at a very young age parents should teach children about advertisements and limit screen time. Small step like these will not only mean a brighter future for the children but a brighter future
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