Consumption and Mortality: Tackling the Problem of Childhood Obesity

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CONSUMPTION AND MORALITY According to the State of World (2004) report, China, UK and Western Europeans have had a bar on untenable over- consumption for decades. Roughly 1.7 billion people globally now fit in to the "consumer class" the group of people distinguished by diets of extremely processed food, yearning for bigger houses, better and bigger cars, higher level of revolving credit, and lifestyles dedicated to hoard unnecessary goods (Whittaker 2003). Today nearly half of global consumers dwell in developing countries like India and China. As we enter the dawn of the new century this consumerist appetite is dejection the natural systems that the humanity has been relying on and making it difficult for the majority of this world to meet their ends meet. It's a chaos out there. Every men and women are trying to at least look better, superior and wealthier than the other one. People are neglecting their basic needs and spending more on flashing gadgets and expensive hand bangs just to look 'cool' walking down the street. This "culture of the beast" has introduced some unthinkable problem in our society ranging from psychological problems to overeating to higher suicide rates. But the question is why we have become the way we are. What has caused this global consumerism in the past few decades? Why is everyone trying to compete with each other? One of the several major factors that influence mass consumption is advertizing. Diverse perceptions occur in the
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