Consumption of Energy Drinks

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Consumption of Energy Drinks Throughout the last several centuries, many beverages have been utilized to produce energy to boost the body and its ability, such as tea and coffee. However, the first beverage considered to be an “energy” drink was Coca-Cola due to the fact that ingredients of the drink included both caffeine and cocaine (Lile). Since the introduction of Coke products in the late 1800’s, products full of sugar and caffeine have been available to the public and have exploded in popularity as customers search for alternative energy sources. Modern energy drinks, such as Red Bull and Monster, have become the newest fad in ways to gain more energy because of the average Americans hectic and fast-paced lifestyle. Many countries across the continents of Europe and Asia began experimenting with different products to make a drink with more caffeine packed into each can or bottle than known before. The first energy drink, Red Bull, was introduced to the United States in 1997 from the Asian-Pacific country of Thailand and continues to be the caffeinated drink with the most recorded sales. Since then, many other energy beverages have blossomed in popularity throughout America including Monster, Full Throttle, Rockstar and Red Bull. Consuming energy drinks is becoming one of the biggest crazes of the modern day and is likely to continue growing as their short term effects become increasingly sought after. However, as many are started to abuse energy drinks,

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