Contact Basketball Rules

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INTRODUCTION- There are many contact sports around the world but some involve physical and touching contact but real contact sports are when you can tackle, kick, punch and even smash. For example if in was in a boxing match i could punch the opponent in the head that is what real contact sports are when you can hurt somebody and make contact.

RULES- In football there are set rules that you follow if you tackle someone above the shoulders it's called a high tackle and if you push someone in the back the umpire will give you a free kick for doing those things. There only allowed 18 people in a field at once with substitutions on the bench that you can change whenever you want. Another rule is if you get the ball then you can only take a maximum of 10-12
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If you're dribbling then stop then dribble again it is called double dribble another rule is if you stop dribbling then you take more than two steps that's a travel and the opponent will take possession both ways. You can get a foul by the opponent slapping or hardly touching the arm or anything you can get stopped by you will earn two shots from the free throw line and they are worth one point.
EQUIPMENT- To play basketball you need a 3D round circled ball a ring, backboard and a net with a hard surface of wood or cement to play on.
FAMOUS PLAYERS- Michael Jordan who made signature shoes and played for Chicago
Bulls and has scored 32,292 points in his career. Shaquille O’Neal was another massive player and broke backboards because of his height and weight and has played for 6 teams in his 19 year career

RULES- For boxing you cannot hit below the belt or the waste and cannot hit behind the head anywhere. You can only hit with your fists or hands but not elbows forearms and head, if you hit them and the opponent falls down you can't hit them when their
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