Contact Sports And Degenerative Brain Disease

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Contact Sports and Degenerative Brain Disease
Kayla Roides


This paper connects contact sports with degenerative brain diseases. It also shows that CTE is not only connected to football because of the continuous tackling inducing trauma to the brain, but also soccer where heading the ball can often cause brain damage. This is supported by research of retired NFL football players and soccer players whose brains showed evidence of CTE. Also when the Mayo Clinic studying the brains of those who did not participate in contact sports showing no evidence of CTE. Based on scientific evidence degenerative brain diseases such as CTE are caused by successive concussions. Since concussions are one of the most common brain injuries seen in contact sports today there is a definite association between contact sports and degenerative brain diseases.

Contact Sports and Degenerative Brain Disease

Contact sports such as soccer, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and football have become popular activities for children to have fun and relieve stress they often face from school. The participation of sports has been closely related with improved physical, social, and mental health. Examples may include enhanced self-esteem, lower probability of teen suicide, higher rates of high school graduation, and reduced use of drugs and tobacco. Although the participation in sports may lead to future health…
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