Contagious By Jonah Berger : An Insightful Novel

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Contagious by Jonah Berger was an insightful novel with many examples and reasons why products and ideas catch on. Throughout the novel, Berger gave various examples for the reader to thoroughly understand the material. He gave six key factors in which influenced the amount of contagiousness a product could potentially have. He used the acronym STEPPS to explain those factors. Factors that were interesting for the Public Relations profession were social currency, triggers, and stories. Many examples were shared in each of those departments that would be helpful to a Public Relations professional in promoting a product. There is a lot of opinion in this novel and there could be issues with solving them. It is difficult to solve issues because people think in different ways. The book Contagious could help many professionals due to the numerous amounts of examples and experiments presented throughout the novel. This novel was extremely helpful for my knowledge in the public relations field. I learned many facts that I thought the opposite of before reading it. For an example, although I was not exceedingly familiar with the idea of word of mouth, I would have never expected the percentage of social media in word of mouth to be so low (Berger 2013). After reading about word of mouth I began realizing how much I spoke about products on a day to day basis. The best part about this novel was the immense amount of examples. Berger utilized facts and experiments to

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