Contagious Shadow Ruppetry In Modern Art

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Shadow puppetry had been a illusive form of moving images ever since Han-Dynasty, and also a form of art that had always intrigued me due to my heritage. During the Fringe Festival last week, I attended a contagious shadow performance called “Curious Contagion”, which broaden my view of moving images in modern art. It was assembled by a duo named “Mind of a Snail” who specialized in shadow puppetry, and they had been developing their unique blend of overhead projector and visual art since 2003. I was astonished, (along with everyone who was in the darkly lit mini gym), by the uses of the ‘moving images’ in this particular piece. They were in front of the screen, yet also they were behind in the background. Therefore how the shadows and the moving images were used/ presented can affect the reaction of viewers. In one of the earlier scenes, a performer…show more content…
When the first transition emerged itself, the audience did not acknowledge it as much as the prior scene. The images repeated itself, and the effect was caused by the pictures being on a spinning wheel and the presence of a shining light from inside the wheel. These moving images were put in the background to help to establish that the character is moving form one area to another. A later scene used the same basic concept. The unicorn was smoking, which lead literal smog appearing in her lungs. The pictures of the sickly smoke was shifted rapidly, causing it to move. This motion generated groans of disgust, though it was mostly targeting at the green gas. Other form of usage for the moving images surfaced at the climax of the performance, as ‘baby viruses’ spiraling down the unicorn horn. This started off being the focal point for the shot, but then the infants gradually fade in to the background. The crowd cheered at first when the viruses began to decent and seized a while later as the focus
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