Container Moving Freight : The Technology And Imaginative Techniques, The Procedures And Systems Of How Cargo

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Intermodal Containers Moving Freight

The advancement in technology and imaginative techniques, the procedures and systems of how cargo is moved and handled is streamlined. Prior to containerization, moving freight from one location to another across the globe was a tedious practice and often took an extended amount of time. Manufacturers would use various configurations with dissimilar sizes and weights which led to additional time at each location being required to handle the different sized cargo. The use of intermodal containers has changed the shipping industry allowing for multiple modes of transportation to rapidly cross load the containers and mover the containers to the next destination. Implementing the use intermodal
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There were significant delays in cross loading cargo onto the ship, workers would have to stack like packages, construct shipping pallets, and block and brace items in the hulls of the ships as well as the decks. When a piece of cargo was too large or heavy it would require additional material handling equipment to move the freight to the next transportation mode being either rail or road. At the receiving port there was also a time delay due to the need to offload the cargo by individual piece and separate in on the dock. Road and rail transportation were very effective, but encountered similar delays and issues depending on the size and weight of the cargo. This resulted in a call for change in the way freight is transported among all modes of transport. The Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration identified the need to implement change which is topic in the Intermodal Surface Transportation Act of 1991 (ISTEA). Outlining what intermodal transportation is “utilizing two or more ‘suitable’ modes, in combination, to form an integrated transport chain aimed at achieving operationally efficient and cost effective delivery of goods in an environmentally sustainable manner from their
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