Containing Communism Through Cia Covert Operations

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Containing Communism Through CIA Covert Operations Kurt Trendle PS335-01 American Foreign Policy Dr. Holzhauer 11/25/12 Kurt Trendle PS335-01 Major Film Analysis In my film analysis I chose three films that deal with previous U.S. administrations and more specifically the CIA's covert operations in supporting and aiding groups in other countries that ultimately opposed communism. The support of these groups was a way to perpetuate the containment policy. Chile: The Other 9/11 (2003), color, 60 minutes. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).:d Nicholas White; p Nicholas White; c Chris Openshaw Chile: The Other 9/11 is a documentary by the BBC which details the hour-by hour events of the military coup that…show more content…
The CIA used Chilean media to perpetuate a smear campaign against Allende and encouraged a coup against the communist government that made the conditions ripe for a coup. After the coup, General Pinochet was a close U.S. ally up until the Carter administration. President Carter, who made human rights as the driving force behind his foreign policy, distanced himself from Pinochet because of alleged human rights violations conducted by Pinochet’s regime. The next two films depict the CIA being deeply involved in the funding and arming of groups to repel Communism. In Chile they spent money on propaganda and to create an atmosphere perfect for a coup whereas in my next two examples the CIA was directly involved in orchestrating a regime change. Cover-up: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair (1988), color, 72 minutes. Empowerment Project: d David Kasper and Barbara Trent; p David Kasper, Gary Meyer, and Barbara Trent; w Eve Goldberg; c Gary Meyer; aw Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. This documentary focuses on the Iran-Contra scandal that came about during the Reagan administration. The documentary uses clips from the Congressional special joint committee investigating the sale of U.S. Weapons to Iran and then using those profits to fund the Contras in Nicaragua. The documentary also looks beyond the arms
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