Containment: Vietnam War and Communism Essay examples

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Defying All Odds of Communism After the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II it was apparent that the victors would come out as the new world powers. With the United States and the Soviet Union being the strongest nations of the victorious Allies they were the two countries who emerged as the new world powers but their views varied drastically. The Democratic United States and the Communist Soviets butted heads about each others views and the U.S. wanted to halt the spread of communism so it couldn’t get to the rest of the world. The U.S. adopted a policy of containment to keep communism in the USSR and the other places it had spread. The U.S.’s main goal was to prevent the spread of communism and they did everything…show more content…
Membership in the Communist Party itself is not enough proof that the leaders wanted to overthrow the government. Being a part of this group could just mean that they liked the communist ideology either, Congress shouldn’t have assumed that the Communist Party as a whole were bad people/ guilty. The Smith Act went too far for the punishments, The punishment for defying the Smith Act was to “be fined under the title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both and shall be ineligible for unemployment by the United States…” (Smith Act). Because the Congress were so strict on enforcing the Smith Act, it caused unnecessary paranoia throughout the U.S. The United States limited the spread of communism by the U.S. intervention in Korea which became the Korean War. Korea had been controlled by the Japanese during WWII and had been temporarily split between the U.S. in the South and the Soviets in the North. With the outbreak of the Cold War, a plan for reuniting Korea wasn’t done. The North Korean’s decided to unify the country through war, not knowing that the U.S. would move to stop them. When the North Korean troops had pushed their way into South Korea, the U.S. knew that the South Koreans would soon fall to communism if they didn’t interfere; so the U.S. joined the United Nations in sending troops. Under the command of General MacArthur the U.S. troops fought the North Koreans and pushed them back past the parallel
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