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| | CASE STUDY OF CONTAMINATED SOIL AN ASBESTOS CASE STUDY - FLAT BUSH, MANUKAU CITY, SOUTH AUCKLAND, NEWZEALAND. July 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 BACKGROUND 2 1.1 Introduction 2 1.2 Flat Bush Asbestos Site Location 2 1.3 Site History 3 2 EVALUATION OF ASBESTOS EXTENT AND ITS IMPACTS 5 2.1 General 5 2.2 Health Issues 6 2.3 Remediation Options and Regulations 6 3 FACTS ABOUT ASBESTOS 8 3.1 Nature of Asbestos 8 3.2 Asbestos in Environment 8 3.3 Exposure to Lead 9 3.4 Harmful Health Effects from Asbestos Exposure 9 4 REVIEW OF ADOPTED REMEDIATION METHOD 11 4.1 Overview of Asbestos Remediation 11 4.2 Final View on Adopted Remediation at Flat Bush Site 11 REFERENCES 12 1…show more content…
Fifteen properties were examined. The tests discovered brown and white asbestos in the form of fibrolite chips, degraded fibrolite and widespread bundles of fibres. The results of this study showed the following: • that the environmental health risks of asbestos in the soil were extremely low; • that low level dispersed asbestos fibre and chip contamination found in some areas of Flat Bush does not present an unacceptable health risk; • the asbestos environmental health risk is much less than the risks deemed acceptable by most public health authorities, and much less than overall general exposure that everyone is faced with; • that remediation of properties should only be required for sites where bulk asbestos contaminated material is present. A semi-quantitative guideline of 0.001 percent was recommended for residential properties, based on visible fragments across a site. It was also found that the state that the chips of asbestos are encased in reflects a relatively low risk to residents. However, it was also noted there were no official guidelines outlining acceptable contaminant levels of asbestos in the soil. The management plan recommends that little action is needed for the sites considered low risk or containing little contamination. The council decided to cover the asbestos after rejecting demands either to remove the

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