Bacteriological Pollution Essay

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Microorganisms are found everywhere and constitute a major part of every ecosystem. In these environments, they live either freely or as parasites (Sleigh and Timbury, 1998). In some cases, they live as transient contaminants in fomites or hands where they constitute a major health hazards as sources of community and hospital-acquired infections (Pittet et al., 1999). This study focused on the analysis of bacteriological contamination of ATM machine, public toilet and commercial motorcycle helmets.
ATM machine can be contaminated by user breathes out; sneezing, digging nose during work by hands or other reactions leaves the key boards contaminated .The nasal droplets mouths water or mucus from mouth and nose, nail
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Scientists found that ATMs have similar levels of Pseudomonads and Bacillus, bacteria known to cause sickness and diarrhea, as in public toilets (Rob, 2011).

Transportation is vital to every human community. One means of transportation in most part of the world is the motorcycle. Motorcycles are a popular means of transportation especially for short distance. Its frequent use and patronage is very high because it is faster, convenient and can easily maneuver through the regular traffic jam and get to any destination provided there is road (Banjo, 2011).
However, motorcycle helmet could constitute a health hazard to the users. Constant handling and use of MCHs by different individuals could create a prime breeding ground for many microorganisms such as bacteria and mildews (Roth and Jenner,1998), and a possible transmission of pathogenic microorganisms as well as communicable diseases among users.

The human skin is constantly in contact with environmental microorganisms and become readily colonized by certain microbial species. The adult human skin supports about 10cfu/ml bacteria (Mackowiak, 1982). The normal microbiota of the skin include among 12 others, coagulase negative Staphylococcus, diptheroides, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus (various
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