Contamination Of Air And Water Resources

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Applicable Laws Contamination of air and water resources by exposure to landfills, and its consequences in the form of various implications on human health and environment, has made people alert and aware of the issue. This attitude has led to formulation of certain laws and policies by Federal Government while choosing a site for the construction of landfill, ensuring that all the requirements are met, and directions are followed as laid by the regulatory authorities. Location, functioning, design, nearby water reserves, closure and economic perspectives are main areas which needed to be addressed while setting up landfill in any area (USEPA, 1993). EPA has laid certain rules and regulations for the construction of new landfills, and ensures that these landfills are well-engineered facilities, and constructed according to the federal regulations. EPA has clearly stated the type of material MSW can collect, so that hazardous waste could be separated and discarded by using special techniques. MSW can receive household waste, non-toxic waste, and waste from industries and construction facilities. Several household items like batteries, paints, chemicals, automobile oils, refrigerators, and air conditioners are not allowed to discard as it is in the trash. They are disposed of under special formulations set by EPA, to minimize the effect of their toxic components (US EPA, n.d). Recently US EPA announced two recommendations to minimize the release of methane from landfills.

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