Contamination Of Onion Root Experiment

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Prior to this experiment, the onion bulb was needed to be rooted underwater. Getting to the lab, the entire root of an onion was removed through tearing. With the use of a razor blade, the tip of the root was cut approximately last 2 mm of the root. Then the tip of an onion root was placed on a clean glass slide with 1-2 drops of 1N HCl and heated through the alcohol lamp within a 2-second interval of 30 seconds. After that, the root tip was cooled for at least 10 minutes in the warm HCl solution. To avoid from drying out, few more drops of HCI was needed to be applied. Then, the tip of an onion root was removed from the HCl solution and transferred to the new slide within 1-2 drops of 1% Toluidine Blue to let it stand for about 2 minutes.
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