Contamination of the Turag River

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 General Bangladesh is known as the land of the rivers. Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh is surrounded by the rivers-Turag, Buriganga, Dhaleshwari, Balu and Shitalakhya. A number of canals are connected to these rivers, which form a river canal network system. There are both residential and industrial units besides these rivers which are prime source of pollution of these rivers. The untreated waste water discharges by the industries cause serious pollution. Besides, non point sources along with the stretch of the river are also important sources of pollution of these rivers. (IWM, 2004) The river Turag running by the side of the Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh, is one of the most polluted rivers…show more content…
It seems now there are no authority to bar these people from encroaching the rivers around the capital. Different vested quarters including influential locals, political leaders, and housing estates, government officials, refueling stations, private universities, sand traders and religious group have grabbed the banks of the Turag River over the years. This chapter provides a brief of river canal network around Dhaka city and identifies the sources of pollution for Turag River. 1.2 Objectives The primary objective of the study is to assess the different water quality parameters, heavy metal contamination and sediment quality of the Turag River. The specific objectives of the study are as following- 1. To identify the major sources of pollution of the river 2. To show the variations in different water quality parameters along a strip of the river due to the disposal of industrial waste 3. To show the variations in different water quality parameters due to season change, i.e. dry and wet season 4. To assess the heavy metal contamination of the sediment of the Turag River 5. To analyze the Sediment quality of the river bed 6. Comparison of the data analysis according to different national and international standards If the sources of major waste disposal outlets into the Turag River can be taken care of, it is firmly expected that the river can get relieve from pollution to a great extent. So, it is very

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