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Midwestern::Contemporary Art Case Table Of Contents Page 1. Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. 2. Discussion part A. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. 3. Is Peter Smith micromanaging Keith Schmidt?------------------------------------------------------6. 4. The relationship between Peter Smith and Keith Schmidt-----------------------------------------6. 5. Disadvantages of micro-management ----------------------------------------------------------------7. 6. What type of conflict are they experiencing? Describe in detail and…show more content…
Their discussions have been full of endless debates caused by lack of agreement on some issues concerning the organization (, 2010). The situation has led many board meetings to turn impotent on the conclusion of critical matters. One of the main areas of misunderstandings between Keith Schmidt and Peter Smith concerns the rate of expansion of the organization, an idea that originated from Schmidt ( 2010). Schmidt wanted the changes to be more abrupt in order to get the desired form of the organization. On the other hand, Smith was very conservative and wanted the changes to be slower contrary to Schmidt’s wishes. These repulsive views brought a lot of tension in the entire organization. The decision making process became slower obstructing various activities of the organization. Following the perpetual disagreements between these two leaders, Peter Smith was forced to exit from the board in 1991. He resigned and left the management of the museum to Keith Schmidt. Soon after his exit, the board led by Keith Schmidt decided to start a campaign that was expected to raise $55 million for the construction of the Midwestern Contemporary Museum’s new facility ( 2010).The board obtained about 68 percent of these funds through pledging. In the late 1991, the Smiths completely exited from the field of

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