`` Contemplations `` By Anne Bradstreet Essay

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Much like America’s history, its literature has had an equally complex, dynamic, and developing trajectory. However, unlike how history is typically divided into centuries, literature finds itself separated into periods of genres. For example, there was the epoch of Native American tales, the Realism eon, and the span of the Harlem Renaissance. Furthermore, the borders between these periods are not always definite. The stylistic characteristics and themes from one, often may bleed into another. This is particularly visible between the Colonial Period, specifically Puritan literature, and the Romantic and Transcendental time. Specifically, the overlap of the Puritan and Transcendental styles is evident in the poem “Contemplations” by Anne Bradstreet. In order to fully understand how Bradstreet foreshadowed later themes in “Contemplations”, the context of the Colonial time must be examined, along with famed works from the Transcendental period. For starters, Anne Bradstreet was fathered by a man named Thomas Dudley. Dudley was the “manager of the country estate of the Puritan Earl of Lincoln”. At the tender age of sixteen, Anne met Simon Bradstreet, a man who shared the same Puritan ideals as her father. They were soon married and set off for the New World, along with “Winthrop 's fleet” among the Massachusetts Bay Company. Life in America was not an easy existence for most, however proved especially difficult for Anne Bradstreet. The wilderness was particularly brawny,
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