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Could you tell the difference in a painting and a photograph? As time goes on the line between art and life is blurring. Realism and Photorealism are both art styles with the purpose of capturing a painting or drawing that looks as realistic as possible. Realism was first came around in the early 1800’s and stayed popular through most of the 19th century. Just as realism was losing steam, photorealism started taking root in the art scene. Photorealism, much like realism, depended on the accuracy of the painting or drawing. However new techniques were introduced during the time of photorealists. Both realism and photorealism are very challenging art forms and each have their own history.

The realism art movement began in France in 1840, only 40 years after the French Revolution. During this time France was undergoing many social and economic changes. Back in 1825, France’s stock market crashed and was followed with a financial panic. Then came bad harvests in 1826 leading to high food prices in the following two winters. The realism movement called for “the accurate, detailed, unembellished depiction of nature or of
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He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1977. David Jon Kassan mainly uses PanPastel. PanPastel is a soft chalk that is applied to paper using a palette knife. “I’ve been using PanPastel now for the past 6 years, I started using them for the basic block ins for my charcoal drawings, because they offer the artist a painterly expressive approach to handing an otherwise linear approach.” In this quote David is talking about laying down medium tones (not highlights or shadows) with PanPastel. This is one of the techniques he uses a lot and it allows him to add detail by both taking away and adding color. The drawing to the left is titled “Aubrey.” I love this drawing because it shows all of David Kassan’s skills and techniques. This drawing is the definition of
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