Contemporary Adolescence Fiction Encourages Coping, Survival And Acceptance

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‘Contemporary adolescence fiction encourages coping, survival and acceptance.’ Salinger and Boock both tackle the fears around the question of, “Who am I going to be, when I become an adult?” The two writers help create, shape and attempt to answer this through the narratives of their characters. The genre of ‘Adolescent Fiction’ gives the authors the opportunity to sculpt the lives and minds, giving their readers a glimpse or a chance to once again reminsce an age period that almost every human would experience once. Within the adolescent period the individual themselves will go through the motions of confusion, survival or coping, and then finally acceptance. But why not mastery? Salinger’s protagonist Holden in Catcher in the Rye strives so hard to remain in a state of mind where the outside ‘Phonys’ can not reach him. Boock’s Dare Truth or Promise third- narrative helps her audience to understand the inner turmoil that arises once two teenage girls named Louie and Willa meet for the first time. Three characters are in a race against time. Time becomes their enemy and friend within the two selected texts. It is reason why Holden, Louie and Willa are not able to fully master their own personal fears, instead they learn how to cope with what awaits them. In this essay I will be discussing how Boock and Salinger’s work contributed and enhanced the genre of adolescent fiction. Being a pathway between the loss of childhood and the beginnings of adulthood. Adolescence occurs

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