Contemporary Approaches to Management

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Contemporary Approaches to Management and their Environments

The different approaches to management have been changed, fine tuned and discarded over the years. In the coming paragraphs we will take a look at the contemporary approaches. We will examine how they compare to each other as well as if they can be utilized in the three types of environments; internal, competitive and macro environment. The first approach to management would be the sociotechnical systems theory. Researchers believed that for an organization to be successful it would need the social system and the technical system to work together in harmony. The social system consists of the employees, their knowledge, skills, attitude and their understanding of their
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An organization needs to look at the environment around them and decide what will the best approach for them to use. Since the organization wants to be successful they will need to find the right fit for them. All contemporary approaches are utilized within each of the three environments to make the best outcome of the organization and continue to improve with the changing elements of today’s
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