Contemporary Art And Artistic Practices

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Historical Context The Community-based Artistic Practices are not a complete novelty in contemporary art, their rhetoric are being used as strategic tools, to support discourse such as democracy, equality, social justice among other, from the 1960s on a explicit way. Even less, this “social turn” , understood as an ethical shift by artist and critics who focus their attention on the aspect of social usefulness of the art practices, characterized by an increase of art projects that emphasize participation, dialogue and community engagement to activate the public sphere attempting to offer new social models to live together; appear like a leitmotif along the theory and history of art of the 20th century. One of the focal points in the…show more content…
This art´s condition was throwing into crisis with the emergency of avant-garde movements from the late 19th century in Europe, because these movements recognized on this status –autonomy of art– a lack of self-criticism by art, not only in the “art institution in its separation from the praxis of life” ; but also to bourgeois society as a whole. In other words, the avant-garde is understood as a form of self-consciousness of artistic field, with a very clear interest to break the art´s autonomy, while separate form of production, as a necessary condition to redirect the art into life. According to Peter Bürger, with “the reintegration of art into praxis proposes a revolution in the life, which causes a revolution in the art.” As Bürger states, the avant-garde movements that sought to break with the bourgeois autonomy of art and thereby apply a strong self-criticism to art institutionally were: the Russian Constructivism, closely linked with the Revolution of 1917; Dadaism and its negation of art as institution; and the Surrealism. Nonetheless, after the World War II in the middle of the 20th century, the avant-garde schism became a crisis, failing in its quest to eliminate the division between art and life and its critical self-consciousness about this, which meant its co-option by the art institution,

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