Contemporary Consumer Movement And Its Impact On The Social Movement

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Contemporary consumer movement has been known to retain its focus on equity as well as social justice. It targets various services and products like financial, food, insurance, health and legal services. With health consumer movement being an exception, little has been written about consumer movement in some parts of the world we live in. there is no real agreement on its limit of what might define consumer movement. Since it was established, the relationships have changed considerably on the factor of consumer movement. Take for example financial and legal services being advocated by organizations, have grown tremendously while also being less reliant on the volunteers who represent consumer interests. The organizations receive funding from varied sources including government agencies to continue its quest for consumer movement. These organization makes sure that women and other group are employed as business experts, lawyers, counselors, advocacy managers, and they encourage more to apply so as to increase its number. With this in mind, the consumer movement have a great impact on the social scene because it ensures that women folks are well represented at all level. The movement grew because of consumer injustices experienced earlier during civilization. The consumer movement has now grown to fully utilize its resources in ensuring professional service is given to those in need, and challenging women to take up roles in men dominated field. It is imperative to say now
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