Contemporary Dance Oklahoma At The University Of Oklahoma University Theater

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For Understanding Dance, we were assigned to go to The University of Oklahoma University Theater School of Dance’s Contemporary Dance Oklahoma. The show contained six different performances with a fifteen-minute intermission after the first three. Each performance featured different choreographers, including our professor Ilya Kozadayev for his part in the performance Lucid. While I did prefer some of the dances better than others, I was able to find things I appreciated in all six dances. The show started with Time’s Edge, which I would consider one of my favorites of the show. It started with the audience being presented with what seemed to be a ticking time bomb, my heart began to race a little. I was intrigued, however, with how the lighting, choreography, and music contradicted this. Throughout the dance the lights were almost the color of a sunset, along with the swaying of the dancers, it made the whole thing seem to flow warmly. As time continued to tick on the clock, the music began to pick up and the dances became more rapid. It slowly made me more and more unsettled as I wondered what would happen once the clock reached zero. Eventually the time approached zero while the dancers were jerking back and fourth and the music reached a new high. The time struck and the cat inside the box crumbled to its death. This dance was bale to keep me on edge while at the same time appreciating the choreography. The second dance was a much shorter piece than the
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