Contemporary English Version Bible Vs. Human Sexuality

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Different Views
“Everything is pure for someone whose heart is pure. But nothing is pure for an unbeliever with a dirty mind. That person 's mind and conscience are destroyed.
Titus 1:5 (Contemporary English Version Bible) Since ancient times, the understanding the concept of sexuality has had its ups and downs since sexuality has been perceived by different philosophies be these in the family the moral, the professional and even in the political (as in this where the laws are created, even when are contrary what it is establish God.) These same views have been seeing sexuality as something ugly, dirty or degrading and in many instances allowing many sexual issues as legal as the pornography, and prostitution.
However there must be a foundation that does not question what is sexuality, but this foundation can be the basis for what is built on it the respect of human sexuality and have the necessary answers to many of the questions that exist today regarding of what is and authentic human sexuality. This is where the present generation build the foundation for future generations about human sexuality, if in this case it is a sin, or what God created to be a way of reproduction and then for the purpose of those who are married to use sexuality for their own pleasurable enjoyment.
However, there is currently considerable confusion in regard to what is sin and what is not sin, and with regard that sexuality that is taken it as sin they are right since when the sexual…

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