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Terrorism and US Intelligence

The United States Intelligence Community has had to change the way they run in order to prevent a future terrorist attacks like the one on the fateful day of September 11th 2001, when our nations security was severely attacked. To be able to understand more clearly the challenges of our intelligence agencies having stronger capabilities, it is important to note that many of today’s issues are well grounded in the past and we can find many examples of this in history books today. One great example is when the United States transitioned from just focusing solely on our nation to a more global view as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Also, Sputnik was a huge reason for the United States to totally
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Through information gathered more effectively we were able to cut off their resources, attack their groups leadership and also keep them off balance. Our intelligence community has been able to maintain them under their grasp and they will keep doing all things necessary until the terrorist organization has dissipated. On the contrary struggles still remain because not all of the systems and networks are fully integrated. A huge intelligence issue is the need for quality personnel. In other words, training and maintaining quality intelligence professionals has been a difficult issue identified by numerous government commissions. The biggest ordeal in this is the limited federal direction regarding training initiatives. There is limited availability on the great upheld standards of programs that teach critical thinking and analytic techniques. Also, national security programs have limited investment in new programs and in spite of this they still have to accomplish their objectives of the nation’s core needs under the constant threat of another terrorist attack. Despite the challenges our intelligence agencies face its a great thing that these intelligence communities still exist to give our leaders the best possible information in order to make the very best decision and also strive to prevent another
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