Contemporary Fun Report of the Contemporary Unit

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Contemporvery Fun Report of The Contemporary Unit and Literature is Connected Also As one of the most eventful times in American History, the Contemporary Period expanded on the modern American Dream. Filled with many Civil Rights movements and political dissent, Americans changed many of their previous philosophies about their actual dream to goals of racial justice and financial success. During a time filled with war, protests, and social change, Americans wanted to institute change on the common zeitgeist. The Cold War and many political reforms caused Americans in the Contemporary period to think as a nation, creating an American Dream that reflected growth in society with a desire to protect and expand Democratic values that was expressed through literature. Americans in the Contemporary Period had a desire to bring the economy to its full potential. With a wide economic fluctuation, Americans in the Contemporary Period experienced economic booms and depressions. Returning from the war, Veterans came home to a newly vibrant economy dissimilar to the one they previously lived through. Rising from the ruins of the Great Depression, post-war America’s Economy boomed with success from war-time industry. “Denied the luxuries of life for so many years by the Great Depression and the war, Americans went on a buying binge” (Uschan 80). Americans living in the 1940’s to 1950’s found a plethora of job opportunities, giving them more spending freedom. With a dream of home

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