Contemporary Hippie Research Paper

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The Contemporary Hippie byline We all heard the terms hippies, hips, or hipsters which happens to be a counter culture group that started in the 60s. What is this kind of lifestyle and who are these people? Well for starters contemporary hippies don’t like any of those terms because they can be presumptuous to them. What does it mean to be a hippie? For Serge Obuks, 20 with Latvian roots, it’s a lifestyle in which he can live free of any constraints opposite to what most people feel like these days. You’re probably wondering what this means? Well since 60’s culture is far behind us and the new mainstream being hip-hop and the internet, things have taken a new form for the hippie lifestyle.

Let us take a journey to the 60’s. Baby boomers are said to be the leaders of this new found culture. Fighting at the time for social justice against the war in Vietnam spreading peace. Perhaps the most notable line that came from all of this; “Love Not War”, keeping in mind that the group had also started experiment with the newly discovered drug LSD(Acid) and MDMA. The efforts by such group led them to acquiring the name of hippies by the public. Their gatherings were messy and often times dirty, literally covered in filth from the lack of hygiene. The flower children, sub group
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Melanie, 20 mother and student, enjoys being a mother this includes clothing, breastfeeding, and doing all the parenty tasks that come with a child. She says “I would love to and grow my own produce, and raise poultry /eggs. In my free time I like to crochet.” For others like John, 40, a professor does not show himself based of his title. John is interested in animals, plants, people, and social justice. He states “I make important decisions primarily from my conscience rather than from my wallet comma for convenience or other reasons and I try not to let others opinions of me affect me too
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