Contemporary Historical Case Study : Vietnam

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Contemporary Historical Case Study: Vietnam

French Indochina has been a rich country since the ancient times with its people originally coming from a region near China and migrating into the strip of land now called Vietnam. However, although Vietnam has been very self-sustained and independent since its original foundation, and its successful defense of its land against larger countries such as China and the Mongol Empire, its more recent history leading up to modern times begins in the mid 19th century. After defending itself so well against the Chinese for so long, the Vietnamese were astounded when the French attempted to invade the country in 1858 and finally captured the country in 1884. However, after some time, the small southeastern country situated next to China, Laos, Indonesia, and against the Pacific Ocean, revolted and overthrew the French in 1954. Vietnam then divided itself politically into two countries, the democratic South, and the communist North. This would eventually lead into the Vietnam War, where the South was backed by the US, and the North by Russia. The North would eventually win the war, and Vietnam has become reunified. And although Vietnam is still now ruled by the top members of the North 's government and is an autocracy, it has been trying to increase its relationship with the United States aside from its political and economic ties with China.

Vietnam, although known for the Vietnam War and its place in the…
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